Everyday Paleo: Dad’s Pork Chops

I generally like all food, and I like to cook, but every now and then I come across a recipe that really hits it out of the ballpark.  But the only way to really find those super awesome recipes is to try them.   So that’s our goal in this blog – to try recipes we think look pretty good, and to tell the world when we find the super awesome ones.

My criteria for super awesome is (1) easy with readily-available ingredients, (2) nutritious, (3) freezer-friendly, and (4) delicious.  Cost is not much of an issue for me, because I live in an amazing community with lots of great grocery and other local food sources, including Trader Joe’s, the Vancouver Farmer’s Market, and the Vancouver Food Co-op, and Neighbor’s Market.  But I will keep an eye on cost for you too, I promise.

I was assigned the task of testing the debut  recipe, so I admit I chose one that seemed kind of easy.

It is “Dad’s Pork Chops” from Everyday Paleo.

What I liked:

The ingredient list wasn’t weird or complicated.  I had all the ingredients except for the Dijon mustard (go figure).  But what is Dijon mustard except regular stone-ground mustard plus wine?  So I monkeyed that together.

This cooked super-fast and smelled amazing while cooking.  The clean up was easy.

I am a fan of Carolina-style mustard sauce, but sometimes that can be a little too sweet.  So I figured I would like this recipe, which is basically mustard-coated pork chops.  I was right!  The sauce was not sweet, and the pork chops were just right.

I’ll freeze some chops and post an update about whether they do okay for lunches.

As for nutrition, I personally don’t believe pork is the healthiest food, but I am okay with it in some quantities

The major cost for this dish was the pork, which I purchased from Trader Joe’s for $6, and it made about three servings.

I liked this recipe.  It would be simple for a weekday dinner.  Try it!

Here are the “before” and “after” photos, featuring my kitchen, the smallest kitchen in America:


One response to “Everyday Paleo: Dad’s Pork Chops

  • rachelsister

    I promised an update on these pork chops as leftovers – and no surprise, they were great. I took them for lunch twice and was happy!

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