Blackberry Balls

Well, the actual recipe name for this is “Blackberry Nut Clusters,” but I’ve been calling them “Blackberry Balls,” and now I can’t stop.

This recipe is from Coach Karen, who is one of the coaches at Crossfit Fort Vancouver (*my* Crossfit gym).  Joining Crossfit was one of the greatest transformational points in my life.  The coaches there showed me how to exercise.  I actually exercise less today than I did three years ago.  And my body composition has changed – I am much more muscle-y.  Karen rings the bell for nutrition, and no reasonable person can argue against her.  She is strong and awesome.  She has a blog with an extensive collection of real food recipes.

So here’s one of them:

This took literally 10 minutes to make and was very refreshing.  I did use a bit more coconut than she listed, and I added a 1/2 teaspoon of salt.  I took this to a party, and it was a hit.  I liked this so much, I bought more almonds to make more Blackberry Balls for another party next weekend!

As for cost – blackberries are cheap (if not free!), so the real cost is the nuts.  Freezer-friendly?  Seems likely, but I doubt you would freeze these!


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