Long-Cooked Broccoli

I love broccoli.  I could eat it every day, and sometimes I do.  I like it raw, steamed plain, steamed with salt, olive oil, and cumin (try it!), steamed with olive oil and baharat seasoning, and most other ways.  I add it to stews, sauces, chili, pizza, and curries.  If I am dining out on Thai food, I feel cheated if I don’t get broccoli in my dish (or even worse, just get that one lonely stalk!).

So this recipe from the Crankin’ Kitchen has been calling my name.

Long Cooked Broccoli

It is more a cooking technique than a recipe.  It is, well, long-cooked broccoli.  In water or broth, with a base of garlic and red pepper flakes sauteed in olive oil.  By long-cooked, the author means the cooking time is up to 2 hours.

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m relaxing at home and happen to have a head of broccoli (imagine that), so I tried this.

I know I usually include a “before” photo, but, gentle reader, I assume you know what a head of broccoli looks like.

It is an easy technique.  It was easy for me to get other cooking chores done while basically ignoring it.  And it was tasty.  I didn’t like it as much as the author, who claims to be able to eat three heads of long-cooked broccoli, but I liked it, and I’ll make it again.  Here it is with Mark Sisson’s meatloaf and a side of spaghetti squash:

By the way, the Crankin’ Kitchen blog is what a recipe blog *should* look like!  You should check it out.


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