Recipe Fail (or perhaps cook fail): Banana Almond Pancakes

I have adult braces, although why I feel the need to add “adult” as an adjective, I don’t know.  I’m obviously (biologically) an adult.

Anyway, I just got a heavier wire on my adult braces, and my teeth hurt.  I was inspired by my recent success with PaleOMG Carrot Cake Pancakes and in need of some soft food, which led me to try these pancakes:

Mark Sisson’s Almond Banana Pancakes

These have no “alternative” flour such as almond meal or coconut flour.  Just three ingredients:  banana, almond butter, and egg.  I mashed the banana, added the egg and almond butter and some cinnamon, and mixed.  I heated some coconut oil and commenced pancake frying.

There might be a knack to these, but I just didn’t get it.  Even over medium heat, I burned the first batch.  It seemed that by the time these delicate pancakes were cooked enough to flip, they had burned.

On my second attempt, I flipped while they were still mushy, which prevented burning but didn’t get me much of a crust.

These don’t even *look* appetizing, do they?  They tasted okay though, especially where I did manage to get a crust.  Luckily I had other food to eat (asparagus frittata and chicken sausage).

I had a little bit of batter left, so I did make a third attempt.  I added in some extra almond butter and hovered over them like a mother bird.

Sigh.  Edible?  Yes.  Highest use of a ripe banana?  No.  (This is the highest use of a ripe banana, IMO!)

In the future, I’ll stick to my old almond blueberry pancake recipe, which I also adapted from Mark Sisson.


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