Southwest Turkey Sliders over Spicy Avocado Slaw

Southwest Turkey Sliders over Spicy Avocado Slaw  


Okay – I screwed this one up.  I admit it!  It was still pretty good though and I think I would make it again.  Come learn from my mistakes….

 What I liked:  Very tasty – nice spice and crunch mixed with the creamy avocado.

What I did not like:  You can make the turkey burgers ahead of time, but do not even think about making the slaw early.  That was my big mistake.  I figured I could just press some plastic wrap over the top of it and keep it nice and green – you know, like guacamole?  Let me tell you, it did not work.  Two hours later, I had a kind of brown sludgy slaw – pretty awful.

Also, the slaw recipe was way too much for the two of us.   We couldn’t keep it for leftovers the next day either, so we ended up throwing it out.  I hate doing that.  When I make this again, it will be for a larger crowd!

I got this recipe from what is fast becoming one of my favorite sites –  Check out the original recipe, better photos, and more:

Ingredients for the Burgers


–         1 lb ground turkey

–         ¼ red onion minced

–         ¼ red onion, thinly sliced (I really just minced the whole thing because I was in a hurry!)

–         ½ poblano pepper, diced

–         ½ red bell pepper, diced

–         1 teaspoon ground cumin

–         ½ teaspoon ground red pepper

–         Salt and pepper to taste

–         1 teaspoon fat


Ingredients for the Slaw


–         1 small head of cabbage or bag of cabbage, chopped

–         2 avocados

–         1 tablespoon olive oil

–         1 teaspoon lime juice

–         ½ teaspoon lemon juice

–         1 teaspoon ground cumin

–         ½ teaspoon red pepper

–         Salt and pepper to taste





–         First make your burgers:  Add all your ingredients for burgers in a large bowl.  Shape small burger patties.  Heat up large skillet on medium heat with a bit of fat in it and then add your sliders.  Flip after about 3-5 minutes and continue cooking until done.

–         Next make your slaw:  Add all ingredients except cabbage to your food processor and pulse until smooth.  Put your avocado ‘mayo’ on the cabbage and mix.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Place slaw on plate and top with sliders!


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