Apple-Onion-Asparagus-Blue Cheese Frittata

Shhhh.  Don’t be jealous, but I live across the street from the Vancouver Farmer’s Market!  It is open on weekends Spring through Fall.  At the height of summer, I can buy local meat, eggs, veggies and fruit.  But it is a tad early in the year still.  The  main offerings right now are rhubarb (spoiler alert!), asparagus, and last year’s apples.

I don’t often buy cheese, but I had some from a couple of weeks ago when I made bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with gorgonzola for a get-together.   Ohhhhh.  I didn’t post that on paleosisters, but here’s the link, and you absolutely should make this for your next cocktail party.

Anyway, this left me with some extra blue cheese, and I’ve been considering how to eat that.  This Saturday’s trip to the Farmer’s Market solved that problem.

This is pretty much my own recipe, but I did look up a couple of apple frittata recipes for inspiration.  Both of these recipes provided some ideas:  Asparagus Blue Cheese Frittata and Hakuna Matata Apple-Onion Frittata.

Here is my version:


1 Apple (I used a pink lady), skin-on, sliced

1/2 Sweet Onion, chopped

8 -10 asparagus stalks, cleaned and chopped

4 ounces of blue cheese

5 eggs

2 Tbs Butter

Salt and Pepper

3 Slices of Bacon, pre-cooked and crumbled

To Prepare

In a cast-iron skillet, saute the onion, asparagus, and apple in butter.   Add bacon and salt and pepper.

Whip eggs with a little water in your blender, and pour it over the half-cooked veggies/fruits.  Keep the heat on medium.  When the eggs begin to set, sprinkle the blue cheese on top.  Move the skillet to a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes.

Remove from the oven and let stand a few minutes to cool.  I served it with rosemary sweet potatoes.   Sooooo good.



Just writing about this made me hungry again, and I am going back for another slice!


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