Rhubarb-Berry Sauce

Good Wednesday morning!  Today I decided to work from home, and let me tell you how that is going.  So far, I have made Primal Thai Beef, Apple-Onion-Asparagus Frittata, and this awesome dessert sauce!  And I’m going to make some Sriracha burgers later.  No, I’m not on a paleo binge.  I cook for the freezer!

Back to the dessert sauce.   I probably could have eaten this sauce straight from the pot, it was so delicious.  So get ready to make this easy and yummy sauce for yourselves!

Sweet & Tart Rhubarb and Berry Dessert

Rhubarb is in full season here in the PNW.  (Want to know what’s in season where you live?  Try this map from epicurious.com).

Anyhow, our farmer’s market was awash last weekend with asparagus and rhubarb, but our berries have not quite come in this year.  So I had to use frozen berries.   Luckily, I buy local wild blackberries whenever I can get them (I am a blackberry hoarder!) and keep them in the freezer, so I am always happy to cook with those.

Umm.  Sooooo good.  Here it is with full-fat whipped cream.  This would be just fine with some Greek yogurt, too.

OK, I actually do need to get to work!


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