Fruit Cake! The good kind – not that heavy brick-like thing filled with green cherries they sell at the gas station each December.


Okay, so this one is more of a craft than a recipe.  It is a bit fiddly to make, but totally worth it!   My sister Rachel and I, with the help of a six year old chef, made this for our mom’s Mother’s Day dessert.  I am going to be making this all summer, so heads up if you invite me to a cook-out – you know what I’ll be bringing!




–         Watermelon – get a big one, not those little personal size ones.  You are going to need a lot of triangular slices for the cake foundation.

–         Any fruit that floats your boat.  We used cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.  It would be fabulous to use honeydew or kiwi fruit to get some green color too.  Raspberries, pineapple, mango… you get the idea.


–         Cut your watermelon into triangular slices and arrange in a circular fashion on a plate, staking up the layers as you go.  Take the time to fiddle with it a bit so that the cake layers are as even as you can get them.

–         Slice your fruit up how you like it.  We thinly cut the cantaloupe and then had the six year old cut out flower patters with a fondant cutter (so glad to have a use for those again.  Palo diets aren’t big on fondant).

–         Stick your fruit on toothpicks and decorate the cake any which way your little heart desires!

–         Enjoy!


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